Feelings of undeservingness and low self-esteem seem to be rampant in the healing field. If you're a huggy feely person who only feels good giving all the Memory Repair Protocol   time realise that in order to give you first need to have. This is why on planes they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help other people.You'll be amazed at how much 'stuff' you can absorb during the day from other people, especially if you're sensitive to energy. Energy hygiene is even more important when you're using it to amplify your system. You want sensitivity AND power, so use this drill to seal the moods you want into your energy fields.

Your subconscious mind digests a huge amount of information about your environment all day long. Hundreds of subtle involuntary micro-movements can reveal a lot about a person's state of mind, emotions and intentions if you take the time to tune into it.Here's a fun game you can play to prove to yourself or others just how easy it is to read another person without requiring any weird mind skills or psychic ability.

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